Sunday, November 7, 2010

Evrgreen Staff Rocks!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another season behind us...

Many thanks to all our loyal customers as another coffee season has come to an end. Some have called it the "Summer that wasn't", but for us at Evrgreen, it was a great chance to see more of you. Hopefully next year we will have a few more beach days; we plan to have a whole new offering of icy tea and coffee drinks for those hot days. As of now the cafe is closed for the season, and will be reopening on May 1, 2011.

To gain a little perspective, I have embarked on a bit of a coffee journey to visit Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and Portland. So far the coffee has been amazing, and the espresso the source of much inspiration. I will have more info on the trip soon. Until then, be well.

Thanks again for the great season.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All in a days work...

The life of a barista is more than just the glam of standing behind the espresso machine pumping out a steady stream of delicious drinks and doing rockstar style high kicks - it also means rolling up the sleeves and getting the hands dirty from time to time. At Evrgreen our espresso machine is the heart of the cafe, and its important to keep it in tip-top shape.

In the last 60 days roughly 18 000 drinks have exited our front door- about 70% of which have been produced by our machine "Big Red". Tonight it was time to give the old gal a break and do some much needed maintenance.

After steaming roughly 2400 litres of milk, it was time to take apart the steam wands and give them a good cleaning. Here (above) you see Jay working on the steam valve mechanism. Aside from rebuilding the steam valves we also replaced the water filtration cartridges which have filtered hundreds of litres of H20 - and gave the boiler a good flush to ensure that the water quality in your cup is top notch. Regular cleaning of the machine is a must for any barista serious about making great drinks.

Here you get a birds eye view of the inner working of the machine, at the centre of which is a 5000w boiler which delivers the steady stream of 202 degree water we use to make that delicious espresso you enjoy so much. So next time you're by Evrgreen, be sure to give big red a little pat on the back and say "keep up the good work!". I'm sure the encouragement will be appreciated!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Evrgreen Coffee goes bottomless...

Well friends, I'm sure you've all heard of topless bars!? What about bottomless espresso bars?
Here at evrgreen we've removed our bottoms permanently - well, the bottoms off of our portafilters anyways! By taking the bottoms off the portafilters (an open basket- see the picture above) it gives our staff a direct look at whats happening in each extraction - ensuring that you get the best shot of -spro possible. Why do we do this you ask? Well, as each shot is ground, tamped and pulled by the barista there are a number of factors that affect the end quality of the drink. For example, if a portafilter basket is unevenly packed - say higher density on one side - the water will tend to follow the path of least resistance and form a channel through the less densely packed espresso. This results in an uneven extraction - and more importantly - bitter espresso. By having the open basket the barista is able to view whats happening first hand, and adjust the various factors to produce the best result! So the next time you're in evrgreen have a look to see what we're doing. We spend a bit more time making each drink, but the end result is a better tasting drink for you. Can starbucks offer you that?
Why Evergreen... because you deserve a better cup of coffee.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Evrgreen Coffee; whirlwind tour Edmonton.

Well, it was a glorious occasion this past week when Evrgreen Coffee ventured out from our lake paradise to visit our friends at Transcend Coffee in Edmonton. This espresso laden tour de force lasted a mere 36 hours, but generated a months worth of memories. The focal point of the trip was a visit to Transcend's roasting facility where participated in a cupping with their talented team of transcendent coffee guru's (hows that for alliteration?). We cupped their Decaf la Florida "decaf that actually tastes like coffee" , as well as the individual beans that make up their organic espresso blend (Amaro gayo + Helsar de zarcero) . Be sure to stop into Evrgreen and check it out while it lasts in our grinders!

After our cupping we headed to a great new Cafe called The Elm; it was rumored that Barista Rock star Sammy Piccolo (of 49th Parallel) was going to be there pulling shots; all rumors were true! Sammy was very hospitable and was happy to make us a round of drinks.

Here's the team with Sammy.

Aside from the fanfare of having my macchiato made by a champion barista, the Elm Cafe did well to pique my interest in many other ways. At a mere 200(ish) square feet, the Elm packs more hip design and good coffee in than 100 other shops combined. The owner Nate Box, having followed a similar path as me, has left a job as a chef to pursue the idea that small really is beautiful and that his local Edmontonians deserve a better cup of coffee.

Here's me with Nate out front of his new shop.

The lunch I had at the elm was dee-lish, a nice accompaniment for Sammy's macchiato - although I had expected to have a dragon with three heads breathing fire (with a rendition of the ceiling of the sistine chapel in the background) as art - he must save that for his Lattes.

To say that Edmonton was a great trip for us is a huge understatement! A big shout out to the fine folks at Transcend for the warm hospitality. We look forward to our next visit. For those of you not yet acquainted, be sure to check them out online @ And, if ever in Edmonton, do also make an effort to see Nate at Elm Cafe.

I've so much more to say, - but the hours are few before I'm back behind the machine...

Peace out.

p.s. also - its to late to edit...go easy on me!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May long Kick off Season's Concert series.

This May Long weekend marked the first installment in the summer concert series at evrgreen coffee & food. Carrie Catherine put on a fantastic show for a full house! Thanks to all who attended, keep posted for upcoming events....


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Espresso boys in full chorus...

The team of three put on an impressive show this past mother's day weekend in Waskesiu, slinging some of the finest lattes this town has ever seen. A new addition to the team, Scott (the hammer) Walker has proven to be a valuable asset at this early juncture; perhaps in line for the MVP award, only time shall tell. Last years Rookie of the year, Jason Surkin returns for his second season as the assistant team captain. It is rumored that Jason was offered a hefty signing bonus to join a barista team in China.Surkin, however, turned down the offer to pursue greatness on his home turf. And, of course, seasoned veteran Jackson Wiebe is back in the ranks to lead the charge for year number three. Be sure to stop by to see the Espresso boys in action. Daily vocal performance at 6am, and interpretive dance at 10pm. See you all then.